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Blame Taylor [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 Mar 2012|11:12pm]

Taylor there hasn't been a post here in months and its all your fault! Fuck you! Ps, I know that was you who made my neighbor have a heart attack! How could you!? I mean really? He has kids and the world needs ugly people too!
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Really?? [27 Jan 2012|09:43pm]

Thanks alot Taylor. Now I have to go into work tomorrow for new system training. Fucking really? Douche bag!
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screw you [20 Oct 2011|09:57am]

I felt fine before watching Hanson videos on youtube last night. But I over slept this morning, and I woke up with a fever and the sniffles and chills...
btw, when i over-slept, i missed a quiz. so thanks a million, asshole.
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[23 Jul 2009|03:47pm]

taylor, wtf is your problem. why'd you have to make my teeth ache so freaking much?!  and i know it was you who seduced the dentist into the whole braces idea, don't even try to deny it. you know i'm way too old to get them and you insist on enforcing this whole thing on me, wtf!

you really are a pain in my butt, taylor hanson.
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ugh [26 Feb 2009|11:27pm]

for the first time i am going to legitimately blame taylor hanson for something he was responsible for.

and that is

"kind of a girl"

wtf are you thinking, bro? hearing this ruined my day.
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[15 Jan 2009|05:45am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Way to be a jerk Taylor Hanson. You and this stupid Rock Boat. Which, by far is the most ignorant idea ever fabricated. First, you leave me alone for the entire week, then you make a damn blizzard come down so it's harder for anyone to drive. Then you make my friend wreck the rental! You're an asshole, and I congratulate you.

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[31 Dec 2008|09:11pm]

i blame taylor for the fact that the snow and wind here is making my new years plans go to the crapper!! thanks alot taylor!
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damn you t. hanson [30 Oct 2008|07:37am]

[ mood | angry ]

taylor hanson, i really dislike you right you. you're making my mom be a freak about me going to chicago! she's paranoid that i'm going to get killed or something.. i'm only gonna be there for a whole two days and two nights! jesus. why don't you call her and tell her i'll be okay?

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[14 Oct 2008|04:19pm]

dear mister hanson,

youre the one responsible for hansonsecrets closing, arent you? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ALL OF THE FAKE GOSSIP NOW.

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Fuck you, Taylor. [11 Jul 2008|04:38pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

You're just set on fuckin me up aren't you?

First you steal my purse, then you rack up $80 on my card at a gas station filling up TWO CARS putting me alomst $-60 in my bank account, and then (and you really outdid yourself this time) you give me GALLBLADDER STONES, which made me have to spend 5 fucking days in a hospital, when you know I hate hospitals, and have surgery to get my entire gallbladder REMOVED.


I don't think I'll ever forgive you.

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Now you've really done it, Jordan. [29 Jun 2008|06:44pm]

[ mood | angry ]

You fucked up big time.

Thanks a ton, by the way. How did you know that getting my PURSE STOLEN along with all my DAY-TO-DAY NECESSITIES like my PHONE/ATM CARD/LICENSE was JUST what I needed? You dickwad!!!


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Oh, yeah [25 Jun 2008|03:58pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

And I also blame you for the lack of fucking cigarettes in stores! Everywhere I go they never have my cigarettes, or my second or for that matter THIRD choice. Fuck you for making me have to smoke shitty cigarettes!!!

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Eff you, Taylor Hanson [24 Jun 2008|08:11pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Thanks a lot. Today, when I was eating spaghetti, some sauce dropped on my shirt, and it's your fault. It's also your fault that I don't feel like taking it off. And then, when I was listening to my BRAND NEW CIWWAF CD, it started fucking up; that was your fault too! I understand you're greedy, but that was just unnecessary. It's your fault I had to stay at the store for 2 fucking hours because my aunt HAD to go down every single isle, twice, and stop in each for at least 10-15 minutes trying to decide what to get, when you know I HATE grocery shopping. And for some other ghastly reason, you felt it would be humorous to make my mom get all melodramatic and try to start an argument over nothing with me, only to cause me further frustration.

And it's your goddamn fault that your brother is such a douche now. I thought if anybody, you would tell him to knock it off and stop trying to be you cos he can't do it.

You're such a disappointment.

Fuck you, Taylor! You make my life a living hell!

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Fuck you Taylor!!! [21 May 2008|12:21am]

[ mood | angry ]

I mean, seriously!

You, being completely unsatisfied with ruining my chances of graduating this year, had to go and make this huge shit happen!??!

Why the fuck did you make me send that e-mail, not only to my classmates - as was the intention - but also to the fucking director of my college?!?! I mean... I'm sure you took great delight in the fact that I wrote how he was using our failing of the class as the way to purge his guilts, and how he was so unorganized that he had actually caused everything he had been blaming on us.

Damn you Taylor!!

And I am sure, you little bitch, that you planned this to happen just one hour before my birthday!

Fuck you Taylor!! I fucking hate you!

You better let them show the Twilight trailer before I watch Narnia, cause it's my fucking birthday! You better not mess with that!

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what a jerk. [09 May 2008|08:03pm]

hey buddy, guess what!
turns out that i bombed my last statistics exam, so instead of being done with this semester, i have to stay in the dorms until NEXT THURSDAY to take the optional final. i was so ready to go home. thanks, mate.
and in addition, if i dont get at least a 75% on my "impossible" chemistry final, i'll get a C+ in the course. is your life's ambition to sabotage my GPA or what?
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[26 Feb 2008|01:49am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

YOU WOULD me take two bloody midterms tomorrow, both of which will obviously be the death of me.

All I can say is, you better have the Smirinoff's on-hand afterwards. I'll be needing a girly-drink fiesta, and that's the only way you can make this up to me!

We'll listen to Britney Spears and everything.

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[25 Feb 2008|12:10am]

Taylor... why? Why did you make me black out last night so that I made out with a bunch of strangers, in front of my exes and everyone I know? And why did you make me so drunk I had to get a ride home with the popo?

Not cool. Really, really not cool.
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[25 Feb 2008|12:00am]

Apparently, Mister. You don't want me to have a laptop.

Or you like making me be miserable.

Help me find this damn battery for decent before I smack you into next week!
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i hate you. [13 Feb 2008|09:50pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Dear Taylor,
How dare you live and breathe...Because you do eveything in my life goes wrong. STOP BREATHING IMMIDIATELY!!! I HATE YOU.

ps. my boyfriend will make a video with you for one million....

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Damn [04 Jan 2008|07:10pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Dear Taylor,

Well you've done it again. first you make my life a living hell by burning down our towns local bookstore, then you screw up my relationship with my boyfriend. Why must you constantly be a thorn in my side? huh, why? oh and let's not forget you sending out your army of ninja's after me for no apparent reason... you douche! So yeah, Fuck you! Go to Hell! and everything else in between... =D you bastard!

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